Family Programs

                                                                          Program for Families

The Quezada family supports deserving families in the Estancia Nueva, Los Indios, San Jose Adentro and Los Cocos, Santiago area during the Christmas holiday season. Food, clothing and presents are purchased for area families who may not have the funds to celebrate the holiday season. The Quezada family collects lightly used clothing from donors along with anything else that will help the needy. Each year, dozens of uniform items are distributed to enpoverished students who don't have the funds to purchase them.

In addition to monetary donations, the Quezada family arranges an Annual Christmas Food Giveaway in which local area families are provided with rice, beans, oil, sauces, and many more cooking supplies so they could enjoy a great meal with their families. The amount of food given out is calculated by the number of members in a household and how impoverished they are. The cooking supplies are accompanied by meat from a freshly killed pork or cow.