Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Programs

The Quezada family highly believes in education and encouraging students to attain their maximum educational potential. As a method of motivating and supporting students and their families, the Quezada Family Scholarship Program was established. Since the implementation of this program, teachers have witnessed an overwhelming response and drastically improved student grades. 70% of classes involved in this program have improved grades and test results.

La familia Quezada cree firmemente en la educación y anima a los estudiantes a alcanzar su máximo potencial educativo. Como un método para motivar y apoyar a los estudiantes y sus familias, se estableció el Programa de Becas de la Familia Quezada. Desde la implementación de este programa, los maestros han sido testigos de una abrumadora respuesta y han mejorado drásticamente las calificaciones de los estudiantes. El 70% de las clases involucradas en este programa han mejorado las calificaciones y los resultados de las pruebas.



Scholarships for 4th to 8th Grade 

 The 4th to 8th grade program takes place in three area schools at the end of each school year. In each grade level, one male and one female student are selected based on the highest overall GPA. These two students will receive a plaque and funding to support their education for the next academic year and some monetary aid for their families.

   Scholarships for 11th and 12th Grade 

 This program is available for students in the 11th and 12th grade in three individual schools. One male and one female student is selected from both grade levels, based on the highest overall GPA. Students will receive a plaque and monetary donation to support their family and their next year of school.

                                                        Awards Ceremony

Winning students are announced at the annual awards ceremony. This is a highly anticipated yearly event that brings the community together to promote academic excellence.